Alpacas at Hollywick Farms- newest in the foreground. 
The view at Maple Winds Farm
Edgewood Yarns & Fibers
Edgewood Yarns & Fibers
Handpainted Silk Scarf by Sandra Holzman
Award-winning fiber 
Visitors at Hollywick Farms getting their alpaca kisses
Friendly farm residents at Maple Winds Farm
Maple Winds Farm kitty 
Shearing the sheep at Maple Winds Farm
Yarn spun from Maple Winds Farm resident sheep
Hand dyed roving by Robin Pascal
Mobius shawl by Robin Pascal
Fused glass buttons by Robin Pascal
Handy dyed wool by Robin Pascal
Dyed silk hankies by Robin Pascal
Freshly shorn alpacas at Hollywick Farms
Shearing at Hollywick Farms
Alpaca fleece from the herd at Hollywick Farms
Hollywick Farms Alpacas
Whispirit Felted Jacket
Modeling felted jackets at Whispirit
Farm friends at Whispirit
Welcome to Sacramento Mtn. Weavers
Handknit wrap at Sacramento Mtn. Weavers
Work in progress at Sacramento Mtn. Weavers 
Tapestries by Pat Dozier at Sacramento Mtn. Weavers
Fred Black's weaving at the Sacramento Mtn. Gallery
Hand dyed yarn from Sacramento Mtn. Weavers
Weaver Guitar Straps
Handwoven guitar strap
Every one is woven in a unique pattern.
Strap in progress on the loom
Cross-body straps can help you carry anything in style! 
Choose one to match your bag.